Monday, May 28, 2007


My kids do not easily accept new people into their lives. Most of the time they run behind either my husband or myself and peer from behind our legs at the new person(s). Even someone in the family that they haven't seen in a while it takes a while to get warmed up to them again. Today, that was not the case. My cousin came to visit today and brought along her new boyfriend. He won the kids over by being playful with them and creating a bridge with his legs for them to jump over. Big hit! Even more amazing was that my daughter wanted to put on her Cinderella costume to show "T". Her exact words to me were..."Mommy, I want to show "T" my Cinderella dress." My son of course, loved the fact that he was willing to play Transformers with him. Now that "T" has viewed a small glimpse of our family, probably the more wild side of it, I hope we haven't scared him away. He's a nice kid and I'd like to see him stick around. :) And yes, "K" I asked him all the same questions you asked me when I started dating "M"!!

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