Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oregon Symphony

Last night I had the opportunity to go listen to the Oregon Symphony play at GFU. The event is sponsored every year by GFU and A-dec, the company that my mom works for. Every year she gets tickets and unless I'm busy, I'm always her date for the night. Last nights concert was wonderful! The conductor was fun and energetic and asked for some audience participation during a few of the songs they played. We even managed to get one encore performance from them. I know the group was having as much fun playing for us as we had listening. You could tell by looking at their faces. Relaxed even through the extreme concentration. It's amazing to me how at the beginning when they're just warming up that the mish mash of sounds you hear can come together into such beautiful music when all are playing together as one. Their one purpose is to entertain, and that they did!! Thanks again Mom, for allowing me to be your date! I always have fun when we do stuff like that together!

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