Friday, July 27, 2007


Today was my last day of work!!! Not indefinitely, but for a while. I am happy that I no longer have to get up early during the week to go to work. I am sad because the job I left was very much like a second family to me. All the people there were very nice to me, treated me well and made it abundantly clear that they didn't want me to leave. I'm also relieved that today is finally over with (workwise anyway). I did most of my crying yesterday so today I was better able to control it. (Singing the "Elmo Song" really helps cheer one up sometimes!! You should try it.) I still had my moments that I couldn't help but let the tears flow though. It's just my nature and of course everyone expected it. I was bombarded just before lunch by my department (QC) and the packing department to view the beautiful flower bouquets that they brought as well as read, through tears, the many well wishes for my future in the cards. And when I say bombarded, I mean bombarded......they came at me from all directions and surrounded me!! There was no escaping. They even treated me to a potluck lunch to say goodbye. It was all very sweet and I thank them for loving me that much. I had hoped to scoot out of there without much fuss but it was all good in the end. I will be going back to visit often. I'm gone, but they are not forgotten. They will forever be my second family. Besides, I'm helping the team captain of the Relay for Life team with fundraisers and auctions and other things. I'll be there visiting more often than any other former employee, that's for sure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goofy Friends

I commented to some friends in our company's locker room the other day about how clean my locker was. At that point I had only one shelf left and the pictures of the kids in there. I've been slowly taking some of my stuff home so come this Friday (July 27th) I won't have a huge amount of "junk" to take home with me. One of the ladies I work with, who is usually very quiet and reserved, spoke up and said that that could change in the next week. We laughed and I told her that I'd know who'd been in my locker if I opened it up and there was more stuff in there when I came back in the morning. After saying goodby to them I headed out the door to go home. As I got just out the door I realized I still had my safety glasses on my head so I turned around and went back in. As I got inside, I heard another of the ladies discussing how they should booby trap my locker so that when I open it a bunch of stuff comes falling out of it!! She didn't see me walk back in the locker room, but two of the others had and were smiling to themselves as I stood there watching her as she was talking. When she finally realized I was standing there staring at her, smiling of course because I thought it was funny, she gave me the most priceless "oh sh*t" look!! I gave her a bad time about that look the day after it happened too! It was rather funny. Since I usually keep my locker unlocked during the days, I will know if it's closed that something has been done to it!! I'm expecting it to happen any day this week since this is my last week of work.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Relay for Life

I went to look at the website for the Relay for life this morning and got another nice surprise. While the goal for this years fund raising was somewhere around $105,000, the website says that there has been over $110,000 raised and the donations are still coming in!! Hooray for Newberg and their support!