Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goofy Friends

I commented to some friends in our company's locker room the other day about how clean my locker was. At that point I had only one shelf left and the pictures of the kids in there. I've been slowly taking some of my stuff home so come this Friday (July 27th) I won't have a huge amount of "junk" to take home with me. One of the ladies I work with, who is usually very quiet and reserved, spoke up and said that that could change in the next week. We laughed and I told her that I'd know who'd been in my locker if I opened it up and there was more stuff in there when I came back in the morning. After saying goodby to them I headed out the door to go home. As I got just out the door I realized I still had my safety glasses on my head so I turned around and went back in. As I got inside, I heard another of the ladies discussing how they should booby trap my locker so that when I open it a bunch of stuff comes falling out of it!! She didn't see me walk back in the locker room, but two of the others had and were smiling to themselves as I stood there watching her as she was talking. When she finally realized I was standing there staring at her, smiling of course because I thought it was funny, she gave me the most priceless "oh sh*t" look!! I gave her a bad time about that look the day after it happened too! It was rather funny. Since I usually keep my locker unlocked during the days, I will know if it's closed that something has been done to it!! I'm expecting it to happen any day this week since this is my last week of work.

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