Saturday, August 18, 2007

Babies, babies and more babies!

I love babies! When my cousins were born, I was there to hold them and help their mom's when they needed a little break. When my two were born I of course loved our mommy and baby time together. They are getting older so aren't so keen on the whole cuddle factor anymore. I still get an occasional one now and then, but it's not like when they were babies themselves.

Yesterday I had a great opportunity to spend time with a friend of mine and her two children at a park. Her oldest, Mr. "T" is 3, the same as my daughter. He went off to play with my two while us mom's sat and talked and played with Miss "H". Miss "H" is 14 months old. She's a happy baby most of the time, but yesterday she was getting rather grumpy at us two adults and we couldn't figure out why. We were swinging and doing what she wanted to do, so it was just kind of mind boggling as to why she was all of a sudden so grumpy. So I scooped her up, gave her many hugs and many kisses and tried cheering her up by swinging her around like an airplane. When that didn't work we took her over to the slide and her mom sat at the top and I caught her at the bottom. That worked finally and she started smiling again. When she did smile I noticed that she's got a couple molars coming in. Low and behold, mystery of the cranky baby solved!! More hugs and kisses later and not so many cuddles later (it's hard to cuddle with a toddler who doesn't want to be held), I sent her and her brother on their way back to home to see Daddy.

Today I got to hold the two newest members of my husband's family, my extended family. Mr. "A" is 3 1/2 months old now and just as cute as a button! Very happy little man and didn't mind at all that some strange person whom he'd never met before was asking to hold him. We cuddled, he drank a bottle and we even danced together for quite a while before his parents decided to make the long journey back to their home up north. Next I got to hold Miss "S". Miss "S" is only 9 days old and let me tell almost makes me want to have another one. She's very content to be held and she too didn't mind that someone who wasn't Mama was holding her. Her mom kept asking if I wanted to give her back, but of course I said I was find so she let me continue holding her until it was time for them too to make their journey back to the North. I did with her like I did many times with my cousins and also my own children when they were that little....I put her to sleep in my arms. There's just something about having a baby in your arms that says you have to pat their little bottoms and sway back and forth with them. As my husband's cousin called it, I put her in a "Christie Coma". In fact while I was holding her, I took a picture with my cell phone camera and sent it to my husband (jokingly of course) and asked if he wanted another baby. Come to think of it too, he hasn't said anything about it since he checked his messages..... :) I miss the baby stage, but not enough to make me actually consider having another one. I'll stay content to cuddle with my friends children and my cousins children until there are no more children to cuddle with.


kathy said...

Aw, babies...sounds like hubby is fine with another. :)

TigerGirlC said...

Somehow I just don't think so...but that's OK. We already decided that 2 was plenty for us, so I'm pretty sure we're done having children of our own. As much as I like cuddling with them, I'll settle for cuddling with other people's (people I know of course) babies. :)