Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow, I'm already exhausted!

The last couple of days we've been busy people!! Yesterday we went with my cousin and her son to a water park in Wilsonville and played for a couple hours before coming home to play some more. No naps for the kids. Today I had a dentist appointment in the AM followed by a frantic call from my former boss asking if I could do her a favor for some prospective clients of hers. Soon after that favor was completed we went with my brother-in-law and his family to the zoo and spent about four hours there before coming back to town and having dinner with them. Again no naps for the kids. And this week is not over yet....tomorrow we're off to Costco to get more supplies for home and for M's upcoming hunting trips. Friday I've got a Cancer Society Fundraiser Potluck at my former place of employment and then after that we're off to Tualatin to see some more friends and go to the park again. Friday evening we're going up to my grandparent's house to can more peaches. Saturday we're off to my brother-in-law's house for a goodbye potluck with his friends and the rest of the family that is Oregon based. (He's heading back over to Iraq in a few days. The next time we'll see him will be somewhere around Dec. or Jan.) I'm glad I'm staying busy and not sitting around twiddling my thumbs wondering what I'll do all day, but Sunday....I'm hoping for a relaxing day. :)


kathy said...

Motherhood is not for wimps and you have the right idea about Sundays. :) I'm glad you're enjoying your time with the bambinos. Nap when they do and maybe think about going to the local MOPS group for a little mutual mothers-of-preschoolers support. You'll get to do something creative while the little ones have a play group.

You're peaches the other day looked beautiful. When are we doing tuna?

TigerGirlC said...

Naps? What are those? :) Matt gave up naps about a year ago and Lizzie seems to be following suit. Everg great once in a while I get Matt tired enough that he'll fall asleep, but I don't hold my breath... :)