Monday, March 31, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered why the teeth way back in your jaw are called wisdom teeth? I have. Supposedly they're supposed to be the teeth that come through the gum around age 18 when you become a "wise" young adult (accourding to my dentist today anyway). At 18, I don't remember being very wise. So, why do they call them wisdom teeth??

I had my teeth out this morning and my face has still yet to come completely alive from the novicane. I'm guessing it's because the side that's still numb was the last side he worked on. That's also the side that is real tender to the touch. The rest of my jaw feels just find and I've only had to take one pain pill for it and that was early this afternoon. My daughter has been real helpful in making sure I have enough to drink and asking me if my teeth feel better yet. My son has been helpful in getting me the ice pack from the freezer and putting it back when I need him to. My grandparents were helpful by entertaining my daughter while I was at my appointment. My mom has been super helpful in that she drove me to the appointment this morning, drove me home, picked up my son from school, filled my prescriptions for me, made sure I had some yougart to eat for a couple days and entertained both my children so I could continue to take it easy this afternoon. She even stayed long enough to cook dinner for my family as well as herself. I LOVE MY FAMILY! Thanks for being there for me!! And thank you to the mom of my son's friend who was willing to bring her son to school early so my son would have someone to be with until school started!! You're awesome too!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm tired of sitting around waiting for people to do things they say they want to do themselves but don't do them when they say they're going to! It's been months for goodness sakes!! I was told today that someone feels I'm trying to take over things and to be patient and relax. I've been patient. I'm tired of being patient. But I will continue to be patient because that is who I am. It's just frustrating!!! So, I will heed the advice of Mr. Roosevelt (my quote to the right) and tie a knot in my rope and hang on for dear life.