Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Project

Recently we decided it was time to finally do something with our yucky grey carpet in our livingroom. We couldn't decide what we wanted to do at carpet or another type of flooring. We eventually decided on laminate flooring. We decided to go all the way down the hall with it as well. Before we tore up carpet we thought we'd paint the walls. They've needed a fresh coat of paint for a while now. We figured while we had the room torn apart we may as well get both projects done at once. So we did. It was a long process because we had a couple of kids who wanted to help and then they didn't want to help and then they did....oh my gosh. So they helped a little and then went on their merry ways. A lot of the time they spent outside in the nice weather playing with the neighbor boys from down the street. Thank you J & T!!! On another day Mom rescued us from them as well. Thank you Mom! Below is a slideshow of what we've done. The kitchen still has yet to be painted, but that too should be done soon.


kathy said...

That's awesome. You're going to feel like you have a new house!

TigerGirlC said...

It almost does feel like a new house with the new floors. I am happy with the way they turned out. We were wishing (after we were most of the way through the project) that we'd spent the extra money and had someone else install it for us, but we made it. :)