Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is good again

I'd all but forgotten I even had a blog until one of my cousins and a neighbor friend started doing the one blog a day thing. Which of course my neighbor hasn't kept up with so I haven't had anything to read in a while. :) One can hardly blame her though since she's a mom of 3 kiddos and she manages the daily operations of their family owned business.

To say my life in the almost 3 years since I last had anything to say here has not been crazy would be an understatement. I quit working just before my oldest kiddo started Kindergarten. He has since gone on to 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and is about to be done with 3rd grade. My youngest has been to Kindergarten and is about to be done with 1st Grade. We've survived hubby being laid off, being on unemployment, a crappy replacement job for hubby, a nasty battle to get back on unemployment when that job went south real quick, my going back to work part time, hubby going back to work at the original job after being laid off for almost a year, me volunteering once a week at the kids' school and on field trips, baseball practices, baseball games, soccer practices, soccer games, basketball practices and basketball games. We didn't take "vacations", but made the best out of short camping trips to Sisters and to go hiking around Silver Falls State Park as well as bike rides around Champoeg State Park. Hubby and I laid awake many nights worrying about how we'd get all the bills paid each week and put food on the table too. Every time it all seemed to work out. We learned a lot about ourselves as individuals as well as what we can accomplish as a family. I think it is safe to say now though, after a year of both hubby and I working, that our life is back on track. Life is normal. Life is good.

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