Sunday, May 5, 2013

One year ago today I kicked some sense into myself [finally] and made some changes.  I am happy to say I have managed to get rid of 54lbs.  I'm not quite to my goal, but I am not giving up.  I WILL get there.  Thanks to my family and friends for the encouragement along the way.  Without the love and support I've gotten this past year, I probably couldn't have kept up with my mission to better myself.  So to them, again I say THANK YOU!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year = New Beginnings

Normally, I do not make New Year's resolutions.  Why make a resolution if you're not going to follow through, right?

This's gonna be different.

I WILL lose the last 17lbs. of "fluff" that is holding onto me like a vice.

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

On this day, the last day of 2012, I sit here and think about what all has happened over the year.  The beginning is pretty much a blur as I don't remember much of it.

We took a couple of trips to the beach, one as a family the other just me and the kids.

In May I wrangled some personal demons and started on a journey that has resulted in my getting rid of 43 lbs. of "fluff" as my daughter calls it.  I feel better and have so much more energy.  I kick myself sometimes for not starting sooner.  I have no intention of letting myself get that "fluffy" EVER AGAIN!  I still have a ways to go to reach my ultimate goal, and I don't know how long it will take to get there, but when I do, I am hoping that the "skinny" girl I can see in mirror under all the "fluff" is there in person too.

The kids finished 2nd and 4th Grades and started 3rd and 5th Grades.  My son starts middle school next year, a big step going from big fish in the pond to the little fish again.  (I'm not ready for this, he's still my little boy!)

The mill sold, the new owners took control and the company finally started negotiating with the union.  Despite not being the best or even as good as the current contract, they have a contract and the threat of strike is behind us.  We won't have to worry again for another 5 years and hopefully by then hubby will have been able to find a job that better suits him.

Our car was hit twice this year and both times no one came forward about it.  Dealing with insurance claims is NOT fun.  It is almost not worth the trouble.

Now Christmas has come and gone in a flash.  What took a couple of hours to wrap was torn apart in a matter of minutes.  The kids are happy though and therefore so are we.  We only had 2 different celebrations this year where most we have at least 3, sometimes 4 because of hubby's work schedule vs. everyone else's work schedules.

We added to our kitty brood by bringing home a pair of 5 month old sisters.  We now have 4 girls (our sweet boy left us in Nov. for greener pastures, I believe).  While our boy is greatly missed (and I do mean greatly), we occupy our time trying to acclimate the babies to the dog (they'd never seen one before) and to a slightly older kitten who isn't sure she wants to be around the little ones, but is truly trying to get accustomed and an old crank pot who would just assume none of them were around.

We are hoping for a relatively tame 2013.  (Please let us have a tame 2013!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family to yours!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Relay For Life 2012

Dear friends and family,

In exactly 6 days the kids and I will be participating in our annual ACS Relay for Life of Newberg. Our team, along with the 57 other teams, will be pitching a tent at our school (Joan Austin Elementary) and walking the track at the adjoining sports complex all night. Please keep our team in your thoughts as we walk and REMEMBER those that we've lost, CELEBRATE those who are with us and FIGHT for a cure to this terrible thing called cancer. The event runs from 6pm on Friday June 22nd and ends at 3pm on Saturday June 23rd. If you can, come visit us and experience a piece of what we take part in. Matt will be participating in the Mr. Relay contest this year in hopes of beating the winner of the last two years. :) Mr. Relay takes place about 8pm on Friday night. There is a silent auction that takes place during the event that is open to the community as well as the participants. If you would like to support me in my efforts and make a donation instead, this link will take you directly to my personal fundraising page.

Thank you for all your love and support!

Monday, June 11, 2012

One moment...

It's funny how life can take us on such a different path than the one we imagined as kids.  Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my current life for anything!  I love being a wife and a mother. I like owning my own home and having a job with flexible hours.  There are times though, that I do wonder what my life would be like if I had done ONE thing different.  

That one thing would be my decision not to go to college.  

I got married.  We bought a house.  We got a cat.  We had a kid.  We got 2 bigger rigs to hold our growing family.  We got a dog.  We had another kid.  I had to keep working.  Going back to school was not an option.

What if I had decided to go to college instead of taking that year off?  Would I be as happy in life as I am now?  Would I have gotten married?  Would we have kids?  Would we have 3 cats and a dog?  What would life be like if I could go back and change that one decision?

All of this I do not and will not know because of that ONE thing I didn't do.  And I am OK with that.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Penny War

Today I learned not to underestimate my co-workers. I am the team captain for our Relay for Life team that raises money for American Cancer Society. We have been touched on many occasions by members of our work family having cancer. In our effort to help raise money for research, we hold monthly fundraisers throughout the year. Our latest and by far the most successful fundraiser to date, was a penny war. The object of the game was to collect as many pennies as you could and then sabotage your opponents by adding nickels and dimes to their jars. Each penny counted as a point, each nickel or dime was a negative 5 or negative 10 against the total for that particular jar. Quarters or dollars could be added to the jars as well, but wouldn't count against you in any way, just add to the total raised all together. In one day alone we raised more than half of what we collected over all. I am still in awe at what we raised. I am proud to work with so many generous souls.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On our vacation, this is one of the beautiful spots we stopped at. I love all of our adventures.