Monday, December 31, 2007

The universe is out to get me

I'm not sure what I did to the universe to deserve this, but here's how my day has gone:

1. My husband wakes me up to say the latch on his truck door isn't working and he will have to take my rig to work so I can call a friend to see if he can come help me fix the problem.
2. I call my Mom and ask to borrow her car if I can't get the latch fixed. I need to go get groceries.
3. I call our friend to see what I can do and he's not in town and can't help me until tomorrow anyway. I go with plan b and decide to definitely try to fix it myself. Later though.
4. A friend calls to see if my son can come to play at their house for a while. Sure, no problem. They live just on the otherside of the neighborhood, so we walk to their house.
5. I manage to get the door latch fixed and my daughter and I head to the store for groceries.
6. Truck looses power on the way to the store and won't go any further. I have enough momentum to get a little ways down the street before I can't go any further. I try to start the truck again, but it just won't do it.
7. I text my husband at work to tell him I hate his truck because I'm now stranded.
8. I call Grandpa K. to see if he's home and can maybe come see what's wrong with the truck. Both Grandma & Grandpa show up. Nothing obvious that he can see. Grandma keeps my daughter busy in their truck while I stay out in the cold with Grandpa.
9. Many phone calls from my husband later, Grandpa tows me and my daughter home to our house. Not a fun thing to drive without power steering or power brakes. The truck is now safely in front of the house until it can be fixed.
10. My daughter and I walk down the street to get Mom's car. I get my daughter loaded in the car to take it to my husband at the mill (I want my trusty Tahoe back!!!). ABS brake light comes on. (I'm thinking what else can I break today??????!!!!!)
11. We get the car to the mill and then head to Safeway to get groceries. As soon as my daughter and I get in the store, the power goes out in the building!!! It didn't stay off for too long before the lights came back on and we finished shopping in time to go pick up my son from his friend's house.
12. I've talked to Mom and asked if we can keep her "old" car until our truck can be repaired. She said yes. THANK YOU MOMMY!!!!

I've been told before that things come at you in 3's. I've had my 3 for the year. I'm hoping this is the last and there's not going to be another round coming at me anytime soon!!!! I told my mom when I talked to her that I was going to lock myself in my room and just cry for the rest of the day so nothing else bad would happen to me today! So far nothing has so I'm thinking I'm out of the woods for now. :) I sure hope so anyway. On the bright side we did get some money in the mail today. A check for a whopping $1.12!!!


kathy said...

Oh dear. I passed my streak on to you...Nothing happened to me today so I figured I was safe. I didn't know I passed my bad luck off on someone I love! Sorry...

TigerGirlC said...

I forgive you!! :) I think I'm out of the woods now. Nothing bad has happened so far today. I may try to venture out into the world and see what there is to offer me today!!