Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jordan Valley

We have been back from Jordan Valley for a week now and have finally gotten the laundry caught up and somewhat back to a normal routine. Matt goes back to school tomorrow after having 2 weeks off. He should have some stories to tell....the cowboy that showed up in camp, Great Grandma's deer, splashing in puddles on the side of the roads with the truck, watching the Gammett boys rounding up cattle with their 4 wheelers, the snow that fell on us on one of our drives, "driving" Will Gammett's 4 wheeler (it was parked in the driveway), the frog that I found on some steps near the Owyhee River. I took tons of pictures, as usual. Five hundred to be exact. (Good thing I got a bigger memory card before we left!!) We had a fun time as usual. Did a lot of sight seeing when Grandma wasn't out hunting. After she did get her deer that's all we did was explore the countryside. Both in Idaho and Oregon. The weather was a bit chilled and windy most days, but it also rained, hailed and snowed on us some. The last day we were there was the best one and it was perfect since we'd already decided to stay in camp and be lazy people. I sat under the awning with my legs in the sun and read most of the day, picked up the few things we had out and got the trailer ready to head back home. That evening we went down to Gammett's ranch and chatted with them a while before heading back to camp and packing it in for the night.

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kathy said...

I know you won't want to hear this but...I can see a beautiful teenage girl in this picture. Good thing daddy's already got the shotgun! Glad y'all had a good time.