Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rockaway Beach

Yesterday we had the best time at Rockaway Beach. On the way there, we stopped at a forestry center so the kids could climb the fire tower they have as an exhibit. The weather was perfect for playing on the beach and we even played in the water!! The kids thought that was the greatest thing on earth that I let them play in the ocean. That lost it's favor when my daughter took a nose dive into the wave and sand and the rest of the day it wasn't so fun for her. My son thought it was awesome to have fallen in the water and not get into trouble. Lucky for me I'd taken a change of clothes "just in case". I had a feeling they'd be needing them. For lunch we roasted hotdogs on the beach and later made Smores too. For dinner we ate at a little place called Cow Belle Cafe where my husband, mom and cousin had fish and chips that were darn near as big as the plate itself, my children had their usual chicken strips and I had a very tasty burger that had fat slices of bacon on it!! YUMMY!! After dinner we walked down the street and found an ice cream shop. After that a much needed walk we took before getting back into the car and heading home. As we headed out of Garibaldi I took pictures of the pretty sunset and even farther down the road we found a rather large herd of elk grazing in a farmers field. It was a perfect end to the perfect day.

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kathy said... nice. We need days like this every now and then, don't we? Glad you had such a wonderful day. We were in Manzanita Tuesday thru Thursday and had perfect weather too.